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Piercing for Pleasure

Piercing for Pleasure

Tattoos aren’t the only ubiquitous bodywork out there these days.

As piercing in general has become more mainstream, so has the piercing of people’s naughty bits.

Today there are a myriad of ways you can pierce either your nipples or genitals in order to create a sexier aesthetic and increase the amount of sensation you receive in your most erogenous zones (and the sensations you give to others).

It used to be that erotic piercings were only popular with punks and the S&M community but Daryl Nicholson, a piercer at New Tribe Tattoo and Piercing in Toronto says that nowadays, the seemingly most unlikely people come to get their genitals and nipples pierced.

“Its all ages, all types, there is a really diverse group of people that want these piercings,” he says.

Out of the Ordinary
When Alicia Green* first heard another woman discussing her clitoral hood piercing she was initially horrified at the idea. “She kept telling me how fabulous it was and I just couldn’t believe it,” says Green. “But my mind started wandering and I asked her a million questions; four months later my curiosity overpowered my fear of needles and I went to get it done.”

Getting her clitoral hood pierced “Hurt like a son of a bitch for a few minutes” but healed in three weeks and has given Green tons of pleasure both physically and mentally. The majority of genital piercings do heal very quickly. A clitoral hood piercing can be completely healed in six weeks. This is thanks to the increased blood flow in one’s nether regions. Most piercings anywhere on the body will heal within 2-3 months, though sometimes the process can take up to a year if there are factors such as ill health or other problems.

New Sensations
Knowing that she has a secret hidden in her undies is pretty thrilling for Green. “I am one of those people one would look at and never consider that I have hardware between my legs,” she says.

Piercer Nicholson says that although plenty of 18-year-olds do come to get erotic piercings, it’s often the types you’d never expect, such as the 40-year-old-men in business suits who come to get both nipples pierced or older women looking to add a little zing to their marriages.

Having her naughty piercing means that Green finds unexpected pleasure in the most mundane things, such as riding a bike or climbing stairs (especially if the bead on her clit ring is in the right place). “Not warning a partner prior to that first naked exploration can be pretty amusing,” she says. “I love that look of shock when they find the X that marks the spot.”

Temporary Pleasures
It isn’t just the permanent piercings that are growing in popularity. So-called ‘play piercings’ are temporary piercings often placed in patterns or designs. A common example is a “corset piercing,” for which multiple pairs of rings are inserted on either side of the spine, then laced up with ribbon to form a corset. These are something that Nicholson is being asked to do more of in the past year.

There are degrees of play piercing and some people go deeper than others. While some people engage for aesthetic reasons, others just enjoy the sensation of being pierced. Google it and you’ll find images involving hypodermic needles. The ones we’re talking about are done using fine needles to avoid tissue damage and create minimal scarring. The piercings are usually taken out (by the piercer) the next day. Nicholson says that these are most commonly requested around fetish nights and for models doing erotic photo shoots.

Fun for DIY Enthusiasts
Many people also enjoy doing play piercings as part of kinky sex, and some even go as far as to do their own permanent piercings in the bedroom, although experts wouldn’t advise that anyone pierce something at home without expert supervision. Despite the fact it is not advised, the materials needed to do piercings and detailed instruction on how to perform them are readily available online.

Sasha Vier had her nipples pierced by her boyfriend and says it was an incredibly hot experience. “He talked with a professional piercer about how to do it and bought everything that they’d use to do it in a piercing shop. All the equipment was sterile and my man did a fantastic job,” she says, “then we had hot sex while the endorphins were still charging around my body. Mmm.”

However or whatever you get pierced, you need to take really good care of the wound as it can easily become infected while healing, which can cause scarring or disfigurement. Making use of that piercing too soon will delay healing and increase the length of time needed before you can truly get enjoyment form it.

And, because your piercing is an open wound, you are more at risk of transmitting or receiving sexually transmitted infections. Remember kids, safety first!

* Names changed for privacy

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